Automated Builds and Continuous Integration

by Jig 28. September 2010 15:17

What is the difference between Automated builds and Continuous integration?


Most of the people have a common misunderstanding of minor differences between the two. People working in Agile world would surely know the importance of these terminologies. I have been following Agile Methodologies for a while now and actively looking for a build automation tool, but I have not completely satisfied with any of them yet. May be because I don't know core flavors of each one yet.


Build Automation:

There are various build automation tools available, which are used to automate the build process, instead of doing it manually. These tools include:


Continuous Integration:

These tools are the triggers that listen to "events" in the network (a check-in to source control, could be a trigger). We can configure these tools to do a few simple things when an event happens.

Some of the tools include:

What should we use?

I really don't know yet and open for discussion on this. I am looking for something easier to configure and which is not a maintainability nightmare!


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