Agile Methodologies

by Jig 30. March 2010 15:07

Well I have been going through Agile training in my company, and whole atmosphere is Agile-oriented here these days, so I thought let me speak about it as well. There are several projects going on here, but they decided to migrate couple of projects (including mine) to adapt Agile techniques.


Agile software development process is basically another fancy word for dynamic software development or lean software development. It is an iterative way of developing where requirements and solutions evolve through self organizing cross functional teams. Agile mainly focuses on "timeboxing" concept, which means all tasks are narrowed down to smaller time frames. Few of the popular agile methodologies include, Scrum, Extreme Programming, AUP, etc.


Scrum is a process skeleton, or a work flow, or a framework, which contains a set of practices and roles. There are three basic roles in Scrum:

1. Scrum Master - Who maintains the processes, conduct meetings, etc

2. Product Owner - These are the stakeholders, customers or actual business people

3. "Team" - Cross-functional team who do the actual analysis, design, implementation, testing, etc.


Another good concept came up in the meeting which I really liked. It's called "Muscle Memory". Good example of "muscle memory" is - if I am a tennis player, I am used to one particular kind of swing. Now If I want to play Racket Ball I need to learn a different kinda of swing. Tennis swing will not work for the game of Racket ball. So to play good game of Racket ball I will have to overcome my "muscle memory" and learn new swing. This is the core concept in adapting Agile Techniques in real life!


Well, there are lot of other stuff I would like to include in Agile discussion. Stay tuned!

Window to My Mind!

by Jig 24. March 2010 09:00

So yes, there are all these random thoughts that cross my mind a few times each day, I thought I should pen them down. I have asked myself several times why don't I start my own blog. Frankly I didn't have the time. (Well thats not entirely true, I am just lazy writer ;)) Let's see how often I can get myelf to scribble here. I realize that there is so much information that I come across that is truely useful and I don't always have the time to write an article. In many cases the ideas don't require an entire article anyway. Blogging seems to make a lot of sense for all those scenarios.


I owned my website since 2003 but never actually updated it for a long time. When I was deciding couple of months ago what will be the main topic of my new website, I definitely told myself that it must be a blog, besides the sandbox for my all day-to-day released Softwares (hopefully there will be around 2 or 3 per year). Then, I was thinking whether to create a blog on some existing site like MSDN or Wordpress, etc., but I finally decided to use my own solution that keeps me with a possibility of doing various customizations or implementing other web extensions.


I don't know what I might be writing here at this point. Do expect something vaguely related to the technology, for sure! Do expect something vaguely related to my work and hobbies.


Thanks for reading my first post. All your comments/suggestions are really appreciated.


Stay tuned for more stuff.

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My name is Jignesh Panchal and I am a Sr Software Engineer, UI Designer and system architect. I follow and practice Software Craftsmanship principals, clean code, lean startup methodology.


Besides this, in my free time I love to play tennis, cricket, PC and PS3\Xbox One games, dig in web development and design. Hardware hacking using Raspberry Pi, Arduino.

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